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Mark Letourneau started his own equipment service business in 1989. After a successful start, Mark and his wife Barbara expanded to Letourneau Landscaping in 1996. Mark and Barbara love to create beautiful yards for their customers. the 'creation" is what we love best. Working with natural stone, plants, and other materials, is very rewarding. Several years ago we began installing sustainable landscapes, including rain gardens, and although there are challenges with working with mother nature, the results are incredible. Our customers are always please with the end project!

Mark and Barbara Letourneau were born and raised in White Bear Lake. We reside here, and are raising our own family here. We support youth hockey, and other community organizations.

Letourneau Landscaping, Inc. was the winner of the Best of White Bear Lake, and also featured articles in the White Bear Lake Magazine in the June 2013, and the July 2016  issue.  

Hodgkin's Lymphoma Awareness


Our son Cole, was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in July, 2017.

He has a great team of doctors that are giving him the best care!

Our family is still out there installing beautiful landscapes while managing time to care for our son. We have had many volunteer's help with our day to day life, so that we can still provide our customers with 100% of our experience and knowledge to our landscaping projects.

However, if it takes us a bit longer to reply to a phone call or email, please understand that we may have to use a day to help with Cole's treatment.

If you'd like to learn more about Cole's progress, please go to his website @

Posthope.org/coles-fight or simply click the button below.

Thank You!